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Petersburg, Florida (where the company subsequently relocated). The New York Times. Chester R (July 23, 1998). 44 Wales was interested in computer science, experimenting with source code on the Internet 28 and improving his skill at computer programming. 55 In 1998 he moved from Chicago to San Diego to work for Bomis, and then. About pornography related to dwarfism. E4 Bergstein (March 26, 2007) Kopytoff 2007,. "Upstart Open Content Encyclopedia Threatens to Displace Britannica, Encarta". Archived from the original on October 21, 2012. 16 Sanger was laid off in February 2002; 33 61 from January 15, 2001 through March 1, 2002, he was the sole paid editor of Wikipedia.

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Moody, Glyn (July 13, 2006). C In later interviews, he responded to "porn king" questions by telling journalists to look at a page on Yahoo! The Edge Communications Sdn. 84 a b c Stöcker 2010 a b c d Anderson 2012,. 8, it was founded in 1996. Middleton, Chris (January 13, 2009). 90 95 In September 2001, Wales was simultaneously CEO of Bomis and co-founder of Wikipedia; 97 Sanger was chief organizer of Wikipedia and editor-in-chief of Nupedia. "Building a Wiki World". 27 Bomis created Nupedia as a free online encyclopedia (with content submitted by experts) but it had a tedious, slow review process. "Silvia Saint Bomis T-shirt Gallery". 115 117 Wales, interviewed in the film, called the characterization inaccurate and explained that his company responded to content demand from customers. 33 Chester R (July 23, 1998.,. 115117 a b Curley 2012,. Archived from the original on December 3, 2010.

bacheca incontri messina escort forum pisa

Practices in the West. 133 a b c d e f g h i Hansen 2005 a b Miller 2007,. 7 12 Bomis provided web servers and bandwidth for the projects, owning key items such as domain names. Archived from the original on February 5, 2011. 35 Two community members, Florence Devouard and Angela Beesley, were elected to the board of trustees. Hickman, Martin; GeneviAve Roberts (February 13, 2006). 158159 Spirrison 2006,. 34 a b c Mitchell 2005 a b c d e Poe 2006 a b c d e f The Sunday Times 2011 a b c d e Keen 2008,.

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15 Larry Sanger met Jimmy Wales through an e-mail communication group about philosophy and objectivism, and joined Bomis in May 1999. Former dot-com company associated with Nupedia and Wikipedia. Archived from the original on September 27, 2008. 27 a b c d e Jensen 2006 a b c d e Meyer 2012 a b c d e f g Neate 2008 a b c d e The Star 2007 a b Waters 2010,. It's in poor taste." 18 39 Bomis was called the Playboy' of the Internet" by The Atlantic, 42 and the sobriquet was adopted by other media outlets. Retrieved bacheca incontri messina escort forum pisa February 15, 2014. Scholars escort gay bari savona bakeca have described Bomis as a provider of softcore pornography. "You Can Look It Up: The Wikipedia Story". "Hi, I'm the guy who blacked out the world". The Future of the InternetAnd How to Stop. Because at the time, when we looked at it, we were just like, 'Okay, well, this is what our customers will want, let's follow this. Cadenhead, Rogers (December 20, 2005). Jackson, Kathy Merlock (Winter 2000). 100 Bomis originally planned to make Wikipedia profitable, 101 providing staffing and hardware for its initial structure; 35 Wikipedia would not have survived without this early support. Four years later, he moved to San biella escort bacheka incontri vicenza Diego, where he used his savings to found an Internet portal. Archived from the original on October 3, 2008. 2E Merlock 2000,.

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24 75 Advertising generated revenue which enabled the company to fund other websites, 4 19 76 and the site published suggestive pictures of professional models. "How to find spicy stuff on the Web". 10 The non-profit Wikimedia Foundation began in 2003 with a Board of Trustees composed of Bomis' three founders (Wales, Davis and Shell) 17 and was first headquartered. "The Seven Faces of Wikipedia". London, England: Guardian Newspapers Limited. "Spotlight : Lawrence Mark "Larry" Sanger". Cb c Chern 2008 Middleton 2009 Heise Online (January 15, 2006) Kleinz 2004,. From left to right standing: Tim Shell, Christine Wales, Jimmy Wales, Terry Foote, Jared Pappas-Kelley, Liz Campeau (Nupedia employee standing almost completely behind Rita Sanger Rita Sanger, Jason Richey, Toan.

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46 Peer-to-peer services provided by the site helped users find other websites about female celebrities, including Anna Kournikova and Pamela Anderson. Archived from the original on January 18, 2010. 104 Business.0 Magazine described it as "a search portal. 1 a b Greenwald 2013,. Retrieved December 29, 2013. "Saturday: The Saturday interview: Master of the know-alls". 25; Section: What's on via LexisNexis. Forman, Bill (November 19, 2010). "Can History Be Open Source?". Retrieved September 27, 2014.

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Bacheca incontri messina escort forum pisa Queensland, Australia: Nationwide News Pty Limited. The Content Machine: Towards a Theory of Publishing from the Printing Press to the Digital Network.